The new name in Retro...

Taking it further than just design, Sporting Vintage has set out to revive forgotten football relics through a detailed lens, focusing on the unmistakable fit and heavyweight feel of vintage garments.

Ultimately, SPORTING VINTAGE™ is a passion project born of the underwhelming experiences offered by previous Retro sportswear brands.

"an unmistakably retro fit & feel"

Most stop with a retro design, but we're not satisfied with that. We are taking things further to produce an unmistakably retro fit & feel. Each jacket is hand cut and sewn according to our unique patterns developed with reference from our vintage archives; an extensive collection of forgotten sportswear classics. This unique approach allows us to offer the most truly vintage inspired pieces available.

"fabric development informed by a true vintage garment"

The term 'they don't make them like they used to' is one of the key tenants that drove SPORTING VINTAGE™ into existence. And while they may not, we are proud to say that we do. Each of our projects begins with fabric development informed by a true vintage garment in hand and culminates in quality craftsmanship. Every project is highly limited allowing us to focus intently on each and every piece, delivering a level of product we hope to become synonymous with the brand.

"All of our jackets encourage customisation"

The '88 Bomber is ready to wear out of the box. But we also recognise that the individual character of vintage pieces is important. All of our jackets encourage customisation via additional embroidery patches which can be applied however you choose.